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released February 23, 2013



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Track Name: Scene Life
oh yeah thanks,
I don't give a shit about your band
no we didn't sold a hundred shirts
on our last show
yeah great, your songs have a
message, too?
about your new haircut, how you
lost your I-Pod?
your so called heroes
must be proud of your new fancy
energy drink endorsement contract
I don't give a shit
about your crew
I don't give a shit
about your attitude
If that's what it's all about
I fucking quit
Track Name: Justice
you've crossed the line
once for all
keep your fucking hands off
they don't need you
they don't want you
no excuses, no empty promises
they won't eat your
fucking lies anymore
you scumbag piece of shit
you better watch your step
will hit you like a bullet
right between your eyes
will haunt you
until you beg for mercy
until you'll regret it.
Track Name: Traditions
your traditions mean shit to me
you're still holding on
to that bullshit idealogy
stuck in the past
no sense of change to see
a lack of independence
is what I really see
like a child with no one to play
you're just tied to your
mommys apron strings
use the goddamn thing
between your goddamn ears
and start to fucking think
do you need that
following medieval rules
I bet you need someone
to beat that shit out of you
knock knock who's there
it's equality kicking
your front door
your black and white dream is
fucking over
blank pages on your holy book
your church is burning
where is your preacherman
where is your damn preacherman
you are a dying breed.
the water is poisoned.
can I get a fucking amen
can I get a fucking amen now
Track Name: New Shoes
new shoes
new phone
new car
Just Do it.
new pants
new screen
new house
Have it Your Way.
new game
new friends
new life
keep the wheel of fortune running
and consume
consume, consume, consume
sounds like a familiar movie quote?
"working jobs we hate,so we can buy
shit we don't need"
and it all goes on repeat
repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat
work, buy, die
doesn't it feel great?
consume your whole fucking life
you are just a slave
Track Name: The Hand That Feeds
pushed to the corner
back on the wall
your next move
grit on your teeth?
or just bottle up again?
bite the hand that feeds?
if you never say a word
you will never make a stand
if you never start a fire
there will never be a storm
if you never say a word
there will never be a firestorm
your history of defeat
is written within your scars
your fears are holding you back
you will never make a difference
make the first step
break out of your old patterns
bite the hand that feeds
even its your own
repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat
work, buy, die
doesn't it feel great?
consume your whole fucking
Track Name: My Revelation
I don't believe
there is a savior
I don't believe
there is something higher
there is no one
judging every step
there is no one
accounting every lie
I don't have to look for excuses
hurt if you wanna get hurt
kill if you wanna get killed
love if you wanna be loved
let live if you wanna live
what goes around comes back around
as simple as it is
thats what I believe in
Track Name: Burning Flags
I feel ashamed to be born
in a country full of xenophobic
and I will never raise your fucking
why should I be proud of something
I didn't create?
this is not my anthem. your pride
will have a fall.
nationalism is a disease
burn every flag
burn your passport
break down every border
that's the only cure